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Thankful For Ceres

A comprehensive blog for November 2021.

Meet some of the pets our sisters are thankful for.

A Summary of November

This month Ceres had many exciting events to end the semester strong and promote connection with our sisters. Ten members attended a self-defense class at Brookings Tae Kwon Do where they built up a sweat and learned survival techniques if they were ever found in harm's way. Our last scholarship event entitled the Finals Stretch happened towards the beginning of the month led by Sam Thyen. The next day we went bowling with Farmhouse which was a hit with a great turnout. To start of I week, an ag orientation speaker came to talk to us about invasive species before meeting. The next four days was big little reveal, ice skating, Friendsgiving with Farmhouse and Vespers. For Friendsgiving, we went over to Farmhouse and participated in an etiquette class before eating a homemade Thanksgiving meal which was delicious. The following day, the new members were inducted, house cleaning happened as well as a sleepover to end the evening. November 29th was our last meeting where we had our Secret Santa gift exchange.

Ag Corner with Megan Leyda

Thanksgiving Dinner Prices – What’s The Gobble About?

This year, shoppers may have noticed many of our beloved Thanksgiving foods broke the bank a bit more than in previous years. Turkey per pound was up 24%, pumpkin pie mixes 7% and cranberry sauce 11% -- but why this increase in cost? Our markets are still seeing the impacts of COVID-19 with many farmers producing less product this year than in those past. This decrease in output stems from difficulty in gauging product demand, which has fluctuated dramatically over the past two year, and other factors including shortages in the agricultural field, and increases in costs for feed for livestock, transportation, and packaging. An increase in demand for meat product exports has also been observed in recent years, which, has led to an unbalanced supply and demand chain. Will prices continue to rise in upcoming years? With the market being as volatile as it is, the answer is unclear, but with all elements considered along with the inflation factor, it’s a safe bet to say these high prices are here to stay.

Saying Goodbye to being an Active Member

The Ceres graduates were asked to reflect on their time in the fraternity and send in a picture of their favorite memory while in the chapter. We all look up to you ladies and wish you the best in your futures.

Kristy Cullinan

“My time in Ceres has truly been incredible and made my 2.5 years at SDSU very special. Thank you to everyone for all of the laughs, support, and memories!”

Hailey Haber

“I honestly can’t remember what college was like for me before I joined Ceres. I have had so many fun experiences and leadership opportunities because of this organization. Having the opportunity to be the recruitment chair was definitely one of my favorite memories from my time in Ceres. It was amazing to watch the whole chapter come together for one big thing. I was so happy with the end result and it was really rewarding to see that all the time and effort paid off.”

Christina Hartmann

“I have loved being in Ceres and gaining more friends and connections with people. I feel like I have grown with some of the leadership positions I've held and will use some of the skills I've learned from Ceres in my future. I wish the active chapter well and know they will continue to do great things. I also plan to stay as active as I can within the association to stay in contact with the active chapter through the years.”

Sierra Jenkins

“Coming into college I didn't see myself joining a sorority and over the past 4 years I wouldn't go back and change it because this has been amazing. Ceres has been something that has helped me grow as a person and just open up and get out of my shy shell because when I first started, I was very shy and now I feel like I can walk up to my professors with confidence and ask questions, talk to people I don't know, and even accomplish things that I never thought I could. The friendships that I have built over the years are friendships that can last a lifetime. When I joined the sorority, I felt that it was more like a home away from home because I got along with a lot of people, I had a lot in common with a lot of people, and everybody was always willing to help each other which made me feel more confident as a freshman in college not knowing what to expect since I came from a very small high school and moved into a very big college and after joining Ceres I wasn't so scared to ask questions, meet new people, and get out of my shell. I have made so many wonderful memories throughout my time in this chapter and just to highlight a few: laughs from stupid moments, late night chats, late night ice cream or b-dubs runs, jam sessions in the car, class struggles and agony together *cough cough repro and physics*, movie nights in the house along with a lot more. There were plenty of ups and downs but it was all worth it.”

Upcoming Events

November 29th- Scholarship points due/Last Meeting/Secret Santa

December 3rd- Greek Formal

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