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Marching Into Spring!

This was a month for chapter bonding. We have started Family Dinners this month, it is a way to relax and bond with sisters one night every other week. We have had a packed schedule of socials with other chapters as well as attending campus events with sisters.


The chapter this semester put on the annual Walk-A-Thon to support our philanthropy, Rely for Life. It was a great success and everyone had a great time bonding at the Nature Park.

Highway Cleanup

The chapter made it a priority this semester to get out to the highway that Ceres has adopted in Brookings and pick up the trash along the ditch. Highway clean up was held on March 27th. Girls walked the roadside for two hours picking up trash and have a little fun while doing so! Thank you to Lex Hundley for all of her hard work in planning and running this event!

Member Spotlight

Every meeting a new sister is awarded the commitment cup for all of their hard work and dedication to the chapter. In this section of the blog the we will highlight one member who has received the commitment cup that month! The chapter couldn't run without all of our members helping out and this is a way to recognize one girl who has gone above and beyond for the chapter!

This month’s member spotlight is Emily Schmiedeberg! Emily is currently the Ag O chair and in charge of all the Little I preparations for the chapter. Emily has given so much time and effort to her positions and the chapter is very grateful. Emily is always there for sisters if they need to talk. She has also given many Agricultural opportunities for the chapter. Emily is representing Ceres as this year’s Lamb Lead, showing Novice Sheep, and competing as part of the meats contest team.

Sister Updates!

  • Kristy Cullinan: "I bought my first house and am currently attending the Montana Law Enforcement Academy for my new job as a Game Warden.”

  • Brittany Whitam: "I got engaged in November!"


The chapter is doing Family Day on April 9th at 11am at the Ceres House with Mock-tail hour. Luncheon to follow at the Lutheran Ascension Church at 1pm. Nicole Inch is point of contact if any question please email (

Upcoming Dates

  • April 1st/2nd - Little I at SDSU

  • April 5-7th – Ceres Recruitment

  • April 7th – Big/Little Reveal

  • April 8th – 7:00pm Chapter House - VESPERS

  • April 9th - Ascension Lutheran Church - Family Day

  • April 11th - SDSU Ag Day

  • April 19th - Greek Week: Greek God and Goddess

  • April 20th - Greek Week: Inflatable Obstacle Course

  • April 21st - Greek Week: AirBand

  • April 22nd - Greek Week: Award Night

  • May 7th - Graduation

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