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Hot Girl Ceres Summer 21

A comprehensive blog for the months of May-July.

Summer of 2021 has been freeing for many college students. COVID restrictions are lifting and many girls are getting back out into the public to make some memories.

New Member Spotlights:

Pictured: Erica VanDenHeuval, Amanda Kokett, Megan Leyda and Kristy Cullinan

Amanda Kokett

She is a junior Early Childhood Education major.

She joined Ceres to "meet new people and get more involved."

So far, her favorite event since joining has been Greek Week.

This summer, she will be hanging out with her family and working with her show animals.

Megan Leyda

She is a junior double major in Animal Science and Ag Science.

She joined Ceres to "make long lasting friendships."

So far, her favorite event was the Relay for Life Walkathon.

This summer, she will spend time riding horses and motorcycles.

Alumni Update: Vacation Fun!

Bethany Beckstead:

"Taylor and I (and other Farmhouse men) went to Texas back in May to watch the Jacks play in the championships! I enjoyed going to a new place with my husband and friends and getting to watch history in the making! Always a great day to be a Jackrabbit!"

Kelly Wiechman:

"My husband and I went to Alaska on our honeymoon at the end of May. It was absolutely beautiful. In this photo, we hiked up Hideout Trail and looked down onto the mountains and lake. We also went on a one day cruise, fished, explored Denail National Park, ziplined and went on the ATV tour. We loved it because there are so many different things to do in Alaska and the views are breathtaking!"

Brianna Ringhand:

"I went to Disney for my grad trip! I enjoyed it because I haven't been there since I was 7 so it was so much fun to recognize lost memories plus Disney is amazing!"

Ag Corner: How To Support Local Farmers

"1. Sign up for a CSA. CSA stands for “community supported agriculture”.

2. Shop at the farmers market. Communities are taking different approaches with their farmer’s markets. Some may still be holding them, putting social distancing and other measures into place.

3. Buy meat in bulk. Like a CSA, buying meat in bulk from local farmers helps them and helps you.

4. Visit U-Pick Farms. Some farms may still be operating as u-pick, but taking precautions such as limiting the number of people allowed in the field at one time.

5. Get take-out from a restaurant. Many local restaurants source ingredients from local farms–but farms can’t keep supplying those ingredients if restaurants go out of business."

A Self Confident Summer from the Secretary

This summer, I have been working on building self confidence for my body as well as my mind. I'm finding it through finding ways to make exercise fun, tracking my progress and having a little more me time. I have been practicing to express confidence through how I'm dressing, the way I talk about myself and reassuring myself in private that I look good and can feel great. I have also gained self assurance through involving myself in more activities that I have fun doing. Go jump in the lake at midnight. Go for that hike where you have never been to. Go hammock in the park and take a nap. Whatever puts your mind at peace. With less worries about the world around you comes less worries about yourself and how you appear to others. Ultimately, how you think about yourself is all that matters. You deserve to be your own best friend first. To me, it's not hot girl summer, its confident woman summer.

Picture from Greek Goddess competition during Greek Week, Mya VonBank.

Upcoming Events: Retreat!

Thursday August 19

10am: Arrival & Check In

1pm: Recruitment Workshop with Shania Biers

5pm: Supper Time

Friday August 20

8am: Committee Meetings

9am: Cabinet Meetings

10am: Semester Schedule Planning

12pm: Lunch

3pm: Leave for Campsite

4pm: Arrival & Set Up

6pm: Dinner/Activities/Free Time

Saturday August 21

9am: Breakfast

10am: Activity

12pm: Lunch

1pm: Activity

3pm: Chapter Meeting

4pm Pack Up & Departure

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