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Fall Leaves, Autumn Breeze

A blog post for the month of September 2021.

Recruitment and Bid Day

The active members committed ourselves this semester to grow the chapter in order to have sustainability and reach as many new faces as possible. We participated in multiple recruitment training programs and discussed the best ways to recruit for our "girl next door" chapter. Between our recruitment events, tabling, preview nights and informal recruitment, Ceres is excited to welcome six new initiated members into our sisterhood. Although only one of them was able to attend Bid Day, we are beyond happy to welcome the Beta Omicron class of Emily Schmiedeberg, Amanda Ekvall, Briana Middendorf, Natalie Kramer, Madison Selby and Ainsley Moore (listed left to right). These members have just started their new member education process and we are pumped to see what they can do in our chapter.

Presidential Positivity with Nicole Inch

We are almost half way through the semester and things have been super busy here with Ceres Women’s Fraternity. This semester we’ve put our focus on sisterhood bonding! Back in August, we held our Fall Retreat here at the house after unfortunately getting rained out, but still managed to have a blast and hold a fun movie night in the living room! At our Fall Retreat, also we had the pleasure of hosting our alumnae Miss Shania Biers for a recruitment workshop where girls learned the in’s and out’s of recruiting new members. Last Friday we held our final Recruitment event of the semester and were able to (at this time) bring in 4 wonderful new members. Induction will be this Wednesday, and we are all so excited to welcome these ladies into our sisterhood. Our first Ag O tour of the semester was also held recently and girls had the opportunity to check out the Local Foods Education Center here on campus! With recruitment winding down, we still have a busy semester ahead and I am excited to see where the next few months will take our chapter.

Ag Corner with Megan Leyda

Recent developments in artificial intelligence have lead to the possibility of robots replacing farmers. The company Iron Ox has begun to develop a robot that can do basic tasks in the hopes of decreasing waste. This includes sensing water levels in plants, measuring nutrients, and sun exposure. The robot, also known as Grover, acts as a caretaker, and sends the plants to another robot, Ava, for things like fertilizer and water. Because of the exact measurements, it is predicted to help decrease waste substantially. Right now, there is only one Grover and Ava being used in Gilroy, California. However, with investors like Bill Gates taking an interest, I am sure there will be more development in the software as time continues.

Important Updates and Upcoming Events

October 3rd- Love Mom and Dad documentary goes live on Facebook

October 11th- Pumpkin Patch Sisterhood Social

October 13th- Midterm Cabinet Meeting

October 14th- Philanthropy Fundraiser at Gracepoint

October 27th- Midterm Mindfulness Scholarship Event

October 28th- Matriculation

October 31st- Founders Day RSVPs are due (contact the chair, Brittany Whitam, with questions)

Feel free to reach out to me if there are any questions regarding events.

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