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A COVID Semester

Our sorority is gearing up for finals soon as we make our way to the end of the semester. In this blog we have some pictures of fun events, a sister sharing another club and our recruitment.

We had 6 new members this semester join our sorority!

Olivia Schanzenbach


Human Biology right now but switching to Medical Laboratory Science

I love cooking, baking, and drawing

Sami Moller


English Education

My biggest fear is the ocean

Samantha Thyen

First year sophomore Animal Science, Pre Vet emphasis; minor in Animal Health

I live on a beef, dairy, and crop production farm

Destiny Graphenteen



I've never fully broken a bone

Cami McWayne


Double major in math and chemistry

Physics was my favorite class in HS

Kyliee Dunn


Human biology PreMed

I can fix power generators

Hello everyone! My name is McKenna Erthum and I’m a third year Senior. I was asked to talk to you about a really cool South Dakota organization called Lost&Found that I’ve been involved with for the last few years. Lost&Found is a non-profit organization, headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD, that works to connect students to tools and community for lifelong resilience. Through their team of students, advisers, on- and off-campus partners, staff, volunteers and board members all across the state of South Dakota, they all come together to set goals for meeting their mission. Their vision is to eliminate suicide for young adults ages 15-34 in the United States. I became a member of this program my first year on campus and have since taken the role of Vice President and now President. Throughout the year, we create self-care activities, and other programs for SDSU students. One of my favorites has been the mediation instructed classes. When COVID-19 hit last March, my team worked hard to continue to advocate for mental health while being separated across states. We felt as if it was an important time to really reach out to people, due to the sudden changes that we all experienced. We have continued to do this throughout the semester, and we are soon going to start helping the SDSU Counseling Center with doing COVID-19 mental health check-up calls. I was really excited to join this organization my freshman year, but I never realized how much it would impact my life for the better. It has given me so many resources as well as a voice to advocate for not only college students, but anyone who needs support.


Ag Corner by Kristy Cullinan: Earlier this semester the current chapter watched the movie Silo. Silo is geared towards rural communities and audiences outside of agriculture alike to portray the physical and psychological costs of feeding the world. The film focuses on grain entrapment and how to be safe when working on a farm or in a grain bin. Since 1964 1,200 people have died in grain entrapments and over 20% of the victims have been teenage boys. Older and younger generations alike should be investing in proper training, communication, and safe practices when working around grain! Here are some safety tips to keep in mind.

  1. Never work alone in a bin. Have someone watching who can call for help.

  2. Always wear a harness or lifeline. Do NOT walk down the grain.

  3. Have an emergency action plan in place.


Big-Little Reveal:

Our new members got their Bigs a few weeks ago! Each big made a box to surprise their little along with gifts and new memories made!

Check out our Ceres TikTok! @sdstateceres


Alumni Spotlight:

Michaela Simon: Michaela and her fiancé bought a house in Dawson, MN! Their wedding is July 17, 2021. She is a part of the Beta Gamma pledge class!

Katelyn Jerde Todd: Her and Charles welcomed Addison Grace Todd to their family on September 26, 2020.

She is a member of the Alpha Omega pledge class.

Coleen Globke:

Alpha class

She is a founder and director of All About U Adoptions. They opened a house for their pregnant moms who are choosing adoption and are homeless.

Video shows what and how we did it



Upcoming events:

Week of November 15th-21st: New Executive Team will be picked.

Saturday November 21st at 10:00am: Ceres Association Meeting

December 11th-January 11th: Winter Break

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