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Ceres Spooks and Hobo Day

Beta Lambda Pledge Class:

Kylie Allensworth

Major: Athletic Training

Minor: Dance

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

Fun Fact: She is allergic to Oreos

Melanie Arndt

Major: Psychology

Minor: Criminal Justice

Hometown: Eagan, Minnesota

Fun Fact: She has two different colored eyes

Shelby Belmore

Major: Nursing

Minor: Mental Health Studies and Psychology

Hometown: Miller, South Dakota

Kristy Cullinan

Major: Natural Resource Law Enforcement

Hometown: Glendive, Montana

Fun Fact: Sang at Carnegie Hall in New York City

Mckenna Ertum

Major: Sociology - Human service specialization

Minor: Youth and Community Work

Hometown: Ainsworth, Nebraska

Fun Fact: She is allergic to avocado

Cassidy Keck

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

Minor: Social Media

Hometown: Miller, South Dakota

Fun Fact: Has been to seven European countries

Erica VanDenheuvel

Major: Early Childhood Education

Hometown: Bertha, Minnesota

Fun Fact: She Knows how to bachata (a form of spanish dancing)

Mya Von Bank

Major: Early Childhood Education

Minor: Theater

Hometown: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Fun Fact: She has a tabby cat named Honey

Alexis Wilson

Major: Psychology and Studio Arts

Minor: Mental Health Studies

Hometown: Volga, South Dakota

Fun Fact: She loves hockey


Hobo Day 2019~ Wander On

Hobo Day 2019 took place on October 5th with event's leading up to the event. Monday was Bum-a-Meal, Tuesday was Homelycoming, Wednesday was Bumover and 1 Month Club, Thursday was Hobo Olympics, and Cavorts, and Friday was Rally at the Rails. Sisters went to Farmhouse for Bum-a Meal, several sisters participated in 1 Month club, and participated in paint the town. Ceres also built a float with the male chapter Delta Chi with a Greek Hobo theme and won Best Greek Float. The Hobo Day Chair was Brianna Ringhand.


Nicole's Ag Minute

Halloween has always been one of my absolute favorite holidays with the pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, and candy, but have you ever stopped to think about the agricultural aspect of Halloween? Well, let’s first talk about its origins. Halloween gets its roots from the Gaelic festival called Samhain (pronounced sow-in), a holiday celebrated from October 31st to November 1st that’s festivities mark the ending of the harvest season and the beginning of the darker time of year. It was believed that on this night, that the veil between the mortal and spiritual realm was breeched, and to protect their crops from damage, people would dress in costumes and dance around a bonfire. Around 43 AD, the Romans invaded Ireland, and with them, brought their own traditions that helped mold Halloween traditions into what they are today. For example, the celebration of the goddess Pomona, who rules over fruits and trees, also had a huge impact on the holiday that we still see today. With her symbol being the apple, it is believed that it is from her holiday that we get the tradition of bobbing. Many years later in colonial America, Halloween began to slowly become a celebrated holiday as more Irish immigrants made their way into the country. By the 1800s, Halloween had almost fully transitioned into a community holiday of fun and celebration. But, where do we get the Jack o’Lanterns from? The Irish are largely to thank for nearly everything Halloween, including the classic Jack O’Lanterns, who’s origin comes from the Irish folklore tale of “Stingy Jack” (read here). Traditionally, turnips were used as Jack O’Lanterns, but some from other regions used potatoes and beets. When the Americas became colonized, a new, better substitute was found and began to gain popularity – the pumpkin. Hundreds of years later, many of these aspects of the old traditions are still relevant, such as the carving of pumpkins and the bobbing of apples, but I can’t say I’ve personally seen anyone dancing around a fire to protect their crops. As you go about your day, think about how much agriculture has shaped this fun holiday! ~Nicole Inch, Ag Orientation Chair


Murder Mystery with PIKE & Swing Dancing with FarmHouse

Ceres and PIKE had a super secretive Murder Mystery Supper at the Ceres House on October 15th. Everyone involved had a character to play in the 1920s themed dinner throughout the night. Sister Brianna Ringhand was the murder for the evening


Halloween Spooks with AOE and SPD

October 29th Ceres had a pumpkin painting and carving social with both AOE and SPD at the Ceres house. Everyone had a really great time getting both their creative juices decorating their pumpkins. By the end of the night the pumpkins had been transformed into everything from Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc, to candy corn, to a check engine light.


Canvases with Ceres, Almunae Social

On Sunday October 20th the Almuni Relations Chair in conjunction with the SDSU Ceres Association held a Canvas and Mock-tails Social with Alumnae. It was held at Alumni, Angel Kasper's house in Sioux Falls. 11 sisters showed up with 4 of them being actives and 5 were Alumni. Association President Angela Loftesness provided beverages and snacks, while the active chapter supplied art supplies. This event gave sisters new and old a chance to catch up and get to know each other while painting and snacking. ~Dani Capp, Alumni Relations Chair


Pasta Bar~ Philanthropy Fundraiser

On October 22nd the chapter held their philanthropy event for the semester. The fundraising event was a Pasta Bar that involved many options. The options included meat sauce, red sauce, alfredo sauce, gluten-free and regular noodles with homemade brownies, salad, and lemonade. We had over 114 people show up for the event and raisied $500 for Relay for Life. This accomplishment was due to all of the ladies publicizing the event and putting a lot of work into the preparation of the food. I would like to give a special thanks out to the Jenkins and Obermeyer families for donating supplies for our philanthropy event and the University Lutheran Center for allowing us to host the event in their building. ~Kyra Obermeyer, Philanthropy Chair


Chapter Announcements

  • Chapter Affairs is looking for dresses and clothing that can be donated. The chapter developing a chapter closet so

  • Founders Day is November 23rd, 7pm at Comfort Inn Suites

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