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Retreat, Recruitment, Socials... Let's Get this Party Started!

Fall 2019 Retreat

Retreat was held August 21st- 22nd and was predicated with a two day Recruitment Workshop in preparation for Primary Recruitment later in the semester. On Wednesday, Committees and Cabinets gathered together to prepare for the upcoming semester and set goals. The chapter had a team building workshop to help us work together as a team, then went out to Perkins for some late night bites. On Thursday sisters had a photoshoot at McCory Gardens and had the first meeting of the semester. Finally on Friday Ceres girls worked various times during Freshman Move in for chapter volunteering.


Primary Recruitment~ Ice, Ice, Ceres

Primary Recruitment was another success for Ceres! The Recruitment Chair is Shania Biers, her committee is Brandi Platz(Asst.) and Hailey Haber. Recruitment was September 12th- 15th. The first two nights were held in the Performing Arts Center on Campus, while the 14th was preference day and was held at the house. Bid Day was held at the Sylvan Green. It was a beautifully warm day, Ceres Women stayed nice and cool with our theme of 'Ice, Ice, Ceres'! Five young women were given and accepted a bid from Ceres. Later in the month Ceres also held informal recruitment September 23rd- 25th, with preference night on the 27th. Through informal Ceres extend 6 bids to the young women. These girls will be inducted soon.


Socials~ Sisterhood Spirit,Lambda Chi& AGR

Sisterhood Spirit Social

In preparation for game days and hobo week, ladies gathered at the house on September 3rd to create the best game day ad hobo looks. Buttons were made and shirts were designed to help girls feel comfortable cheering on the Jacks! ~Heather Kirkpatrick, Social Chair

Lambda Chi Alpha Social

The ladies of Ceres and the Men of Lambda Chi Alpha had a fun night on September 17th. In the Wellness center the women had fun getting pelted with dodgeballs until we played volleyball. We had a blast getting to know the fun and competitive side of the Lambda Chi Alpha men. ~Heather Kirkpatrick, Social Chair

Alpha Gamma Rho Social

On September 26th ladies took the long trek over to the AGR house for a fun night of corn hole, horseshoes, spike ball and giant jenga. We enjoyed great burgers, watermelon, cucumber salad and pickle and ham pinwheels. It was a fun night of fellowship and getting to know each other. The men graciously showed us their home and of course the girls had fun with an AGR members dog.~Heather Kirkpatrick, Social Chair


Nicole's Ag Minute

Fall is finally here! With fall comes harvest season, hunting season, pumpkin spice… and a jump in agritourism? During this time of year, many of us flock to pumpkin patches and apple orchards to pick the prettiest of these two plump fruits (yes, pumpkins are fruits), but many don’t take into consideration the agricultural background behind it! But what is agritourism? Well, to put it simply, agritourism is where farmers turn their lands into destinations for vacations or activities so people who may not be from rural backgrounds can get an oh-so-sweet taste of it! While I mentioned pumpkin patches and apple orchards previously, agritourism locations also include those who host corn mazes, hay rides, wedding venues, and hunting lodges! Hosting these types of events, offers farmers and ranchers the opportunity to earn some extra income, which is why they are the fastest growing sector of farming revenue! A study a few years back actually found that farms that offered agritourism earned an average revenue of $25,000, which is pretty big considering it was also found that only 13% of farms earn an annual income from their farms. So, this fall, go support your local agritourism businesses! ~By Nicole Inch, Ag Orientation Chair


Upcoming Events

Hobo Week September 30th- October 5th

Monday~ Bum-a-Meal

Tuesday~ Mr./Mrs. Homelycoming Pageant & Bumfire

Wednesday~ Bumover & 1 Month Club Judging

Thursday~ Hobo Olympics & Cavorts

Friday~ Rally at the Rails

Saturday~ Hobo Day Parade: 9:30am & Game 2:00pm

Canvases with Ceres, Alumni Active Social~ 1pm October 20th

Founders Day~ Please RSVP by November 1st November 23rd

Contact Jessica Pedelty for more information

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