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Ag Day, Little I, and Relay, Oh My!

Greek Week

The women of Ceres had a busy Greek Week 2019 from March 18-22. The week began with Greek God and Goddess. Kayla Rounds represented Ceres, and embodied the goddess, Persephone. She gave a great speech for her talent, and did a fantastic job in the other areas of the contest, as well.

The second night of Greek Week was Greek Olympics. Greek Olympics consisted of three competitions, Tug-of-War, Dodgeball, and Trasket Ball. Ceres had an unanimous win with Tug-of-War on the women's side, while we did not fair as well for the other two competitions but we gave it our all and had fun while doing it.

The following evening was Greek Family Feud. Members of the greek community had filled out a survey during Greek God and Goddess, and this survey was used for the game. It was entertaining to say the least, and the ladies of Ceres won the women's chapter division.

As always, Airband was on Thursday night. Each year the chapters seem to put forth more impressive performances. The Ceres ladies danced to a Cheetah Girls mashup this year. Those to weren't on stage had a blast cheering from the crowd.

The final evening of the week was Serenade and Awards. This is a new event as a way to announce who won Greek Week while also having a bit of fun. The mens chapters were designated to different rooms and the different womens chapters would travel from room to room. In each room the men and women would take turns singing different songs to each other. At the end of the evening awards were announced and photos were taken.


Ag Day on Campus and at the Pavilion

Ag Day on Campus happened on March 20th. This year We had a Dairy themed display which included a lot of educational information and fun facts about the dairy industry. We even had an interactive activity that simulated milking a cow.

Agricultural events continued in Sioux Falls on March 23, at Ag Day at the Pavilion. The chosen theme this year was Everything Ewe Need to Know About Sheep. Ladies informed those who attended the booth about sheep including fun facts, what they eat, and their wool. Dani Capp even brought a fleece for the kids to feel and look at. It was a big hit, and the Ceres women were able to have a lot of great conversations with the public. Alumni Hannah Wagner also came and helped out with the booth.


Big/Little Week

This year Big/Little Week was Monday March 25 and concluded with Big/Little Reveal on Friday the 28th. The new members had a blast receiving gifts through out the week and discovering who their big is. Jaqueline's Big is Kyra Obermeyer, Sophie's big is Heather Kirkpatrick, and Hailey's Big is Bethany Hotchkiss.


Relay for Life

Relay for Life was Friday March 29th, this years theme was 'Give Cancer the Boot'. We, as a chapter, raised over $3,000. Ceres made sure to always have several sisters on the track, along with holding a bake sale for a fundraiser. There were many activities for people to do besides just walking, including swing dancing and hotdog eating contests. The chapter was also blessed with the company of alumni sisters, Nickie Woizeschke, Angela Loftesness and Molly Reiffenberger. After Relay, we had a Late Night Perkins Event with the Alumni and the active chapter in attendance.


Little International

It was a busy week for many sisters with Little International the same weekend as Relay for Life. Many Ceres ladies were involved in Little I in various ways including being on staff, showing animals, and competing in the contests. Also, Leah Polejewski did a wonderful job representing Ceres in Lamb Lead, and was awarded Reserve Champion in Lamb Lead. Many sisters, both active and alumni, attended and supported their sisters who were showing. Here is how some other sisters did during Little I:

~Jackie Pajl placed 5th in Novice Sheep Showmanship, 6th in Novice Sheep Fitting, and

recieved hardest worker in Lamb Lead, she represented Alpha Zeta in Lamb Lead

~Callie Kukuchka placed 1st in Experienced 3-year-Old Horse Fitting

~Emily Resch placed 6th in Experienced 3-year-Old Horse Fitting

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