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Winter Retreat 2019:

It is hard to believe that 2019 is already here. The first week of January is always a chaotic time for everyone. After a busy holiday season, everyone is struggling to get back into old routines or pressing to start new ones. Among the frenzy of buying books and organizing schedules for this spring's classes, the women of Ceres at SDSU gathered in Brookings for our annual Spring Retreat. This year, we first met at Grace Point Wesleyan Church on the evening of Friday, January 4th. We used this time to unwind and participate in team-building and problem-solving activities.

Saturday, January 5th, we met again at the Ceres house, where members worked among their committees to plan for the upcoming semester. Every committee brought forth creative and inspiring ideas, and the chapter worked together to work on the development of Ceres at SDSU. Our chapter implemented a goal for the semester to achieve a chapter GPA of 3.30. To help us reach this goal, we have reserved study rooms in the library two days a week for four hours each. Outside of scholarship, our chapter hopes to have one member receive an individual award at the Volstorf-Walder awards this spring. We aim to uphold our commitment to Agricultural Orientation at Little International as we strive for the High-Point Team award. As our international Philanthropy, Relay for Life, approaches at the end of March, our team has a goal to raise $2,000 for the American Cancer Society We wish to progress in our local philanthropic events by continuing our Natural Tie tradition as well as supporting other chapters and their philanthropies. These goals will not be easily achieved, but our strength as a chapter and our determination to succeed as Ceres women make us unstoppable. Ceres is a strong and unified organization, and we look to 2019 with confidence and strength. Together our members will achieve great things.~~Kayla Rounds, Ceres President, Beta Epsilon Pledge Class;


Spring Recruitment 2019:

" Ceres had a successful spring recruitment and is excited to welcome three new sisters into the fold. Our theme for the semester is based around the show 'Friends'. We started out the week by hosting a Zumba class with the help of our new advisor Brittany McKnight at the Wellness Center and that flowed into cookie decorating at the Union. The third night of Recruitment we had an open house showcasing all the possibilities and opportunities Ceres gives its sisters. The final night of Recruitment was a celebration of sisterhood in a typical 'Friends' coffee shop style, we gathered around coffee, donuts, and games galore. We look forward to starting Pledge Education on February 3rd" ~~Shania Biers, Recruitment

Chair, Pledge Eduction, Beta Epsilon Pledge Class


Chapter Announcements:

-Ag Day at the in Sioux Falls SD, Saturday March 23rd

-Relay for Life in Brookings SD in the Union, Friday March 29th

-If you are interested in joining The Ceres Team use this link:

-You can find our team by searching 'Ceres Women's Fraternity' and click on it

-You can either 'join our team' or 'Donate'

-Then click 'Create an account'

-Thank You for you generosity and to all those who have already donated!

-SDSU Ceres Association Meeting at the Ceres House in Brooking SD, Saturday March 30th

-Little International March 29-30th

Alumni Announcements:

Hannah Wagner coronation to be Miss Rodeo Minnesota 2019 on February 9th

Bridget Baker started a new job at SmithField in Sioux Falls, SD.

Sarah Lynd started a new job at WinField United in Britton, SD.

Jaden Poeckes is getting married on May 25th, 2019 to Joe Melnick

Molly Reiffenburger is getting married on August 17th, 2019 to Tanner Thooft

Erin Wicker is getting married to July 6th, 2019 to Cody Hilke

Kali Lenhoff is getting married to Aug 10th, 2019 to Rick Sloup

Please keep Laura (Moser) and Kari (Sanders) in your thoughts and prayer through their difficult time


Shania Biers and Heather Kirkpatrick were elected onto the CPH Exectutive Team!

Megan Knutson is starting a job at SmithField in Sioux Falls SD!

Kelly Schmitz received an internship at Centra-Sota Cooperative in Little Falls, MN!

Alison Krieger received an internship in Sioux Falls in HR!

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