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Traditions Continue

President's Retiring Address:

The last year as President of Ceres has been the most challenging yet rewarding experience, I have ever been involved in. The members this past year have accomplished so much, and I cannot express in words how proud I am of them all. Whether it was competing at Little International, filling out VW award applications, throwing a dodgeball during Greek week, or studying for an exam, these women are committed to their studies and each other. Their hard work and dedication have awarded the chapter several awards, including Outstanding Greek Chapter, Women’s Greek Week Champions, and the Prexy Council CAFES Club of the Year. The growth of the chapter and its members has been immense, and I know everyone will only continue to blossom. Every sister has grown into a strong-willed, independent woman, who is not afraid to what is needed get the job done. My fellow executive team members made this year so memorable. I am so excited for the future of this organization, and I will never forget the journey of being President. I cannot thank the members, advisors, alumnae, and everyone else who was involved in this journey because I could not have done this without you. As this chapter of my life ends, I cannot wait to see what the future of Ceres holds. Thank you all again for the incredible year of serving as the 2017-2018 President of Ceres Women’s Fraternity.

I-Week & Founders Day:

Inspiration Week and Founders Days went exceptionally well. During this time we not only celebrate our incoming new members, but also our sisters that came before us and our sisters around the world. I week this semester started on Tuesday, November 13th, with paddle painting, followed by a Game Night on Wednesday, then, on Thursday, we attended the Big G Event 'Greeks Give Thanks". Ending I week, we had Vespers! During Vespers, we had a surprise visit from Alumni Sarah Hamner who read the Story of Proserpina to the Active members and shared ghost stories of the old Ceres Houses. As per usual, we had our Association meeting the morning after Vespers and the day of Founders Day, which was filled with great discussion. Founders Day was held at the Days Inn in Brookings, and the event was put on by the Founders Day Chair Sierra Lutz and her committee: Star Schipper, Lorna Wright, Karley Litterick, and Brittany Steffen. Our guest Speaker was Mary

Moeller. She discussed the the importance of international travel. During all these festivities, we also had four sisters from the Alberta, Canada chapter in attendance. Megan Johns, Anna Loon, Tyla Peach, and Brandi Kobes were shown around Brookings and given tours of the Dairy and Sheep units by some of the SDSU Ceres members who work there, Overall, I-Week was successful and full of festivities.


2018-2019 Executive Team:


Kayla Rounds, Beta Epsilon

Major: Psychology

Minor: Speech Communications

Favorite Ceres Memory:

"My favorite memory was formal my first semester. It was so much fun and I had a great time with all of my new sisters!" ~Kayla

Vice President:

Kelly Schmitz, Beta Eta

Major: Animal Science and Agricultural Science

Minor: Agronomy

Favorite Ceres Memory: "My favorite Ceres memory was at Perkins after Vespers this spring. It was great bonding moment and I became closer with some great Ceres Women." ~Kelly


Emily Rogers, Beta Zeta

Major: Dairy Production

Minors: Animal Science and Animals Health

Favorite Ceres Memory: "I think my favorite Ceres memory would be when I received Hobo Day Chair. I was so excited to begin work and when Hobo Week came around, it was a stressful week. Once the parade came, it was exciting to see the hard work and dedication pay off when we won Best Music Float and seeing the faces of people as the float went by!" ~Emily


Sydnie Peters, Beta Zeta

Major:Agricultural Leadership and Dairy Manufacturing Minor: Spanish, Global Studies, and Food Safety

Favorite Ceres Memory:

"Big/Little Reveal! As soon as I met my future Big, Breanna, at recruitment, I knew I wanted her to be my big. Finding out she was the most exciting day yet!" ~Sydnie


Graduate Spotlights

Breanna (Vogel) Mueller

Breanna majored in Agricultural Education and minored in Animal Science while at SDSU. Within Ceres Breanna held the positions of Scholarship Chair, Family Day Chair, Founder's Day Chair, Assistant Treasure, and just finished being our chapter'sTreasure. Breanna's favorite memories while in Ceres was getting her big and her little and having them both be a part of her wedding! Breanna's future plans include moving to Wolsey, SD with her Husband where she can hopefully get a job as an Ag teacher after student teaching in Miller, SD!

Mckinsy Rew

Mckinsy studied Animal Science Business and Production and minored in Equine Studies and Agribusiness. While in Ceres she was our Spirit Chair and she just finished her position as our chapter's Secretary. Mckinsy's favorite memories was Bid Day when she was given her envelope and saw that Ceres would be her forever home, when she got her two adorable Littles Gabriella Cruzen and Sierra Lutz, as well as going to Late Night Perkins for pie and girl talks! Mckinsy plans to apply for jobs in the animal nutrition and to find a job in the next six months!

Audrey Bunge

Audrey majored in Data Science and Mathematics with a specialization in Data Science and minored in Statistics and Computer Science while at SDSU. Audrey is a part of the Beta Delta Pledge Class and within Ceres Audrey was the Social Media Chair in the Fall of 2016. Audrey's favorite memory is: "Playing Catchphrase with the chapter. hitting the table at big little reveal in the Fall of 2017, Karaoke during round 1 of selections during the fall of 2018 recruitment.

Ashley Engbrecht

Ashley studied Nursing and Community & Public Health and minored in Health Science and Health Education. She pledged to Ceres in the Fall semester of 2016 (Beta Epsilon). While in Ceres she was the clothing chair in the Fall of 2017 and Spring of 2018. Then in the Fall of 2018, Ashley was the fundraising chair. Ashley's favorite memories of Ceres was getting her big Alison Krieger and then receiving her two littles Heather Kirkpatrick and Kaitlynn Beighley. Ashley also is quoted as saying, "Without Ceres, I would not have created the friendships and connections that I have today."


Recruitment & Bid Day:

During September, the active Chapter enjoyed meeting many wonderful ladies during primary recruitment. We gained nineteen wonderful ladies that we believe will grow and do amazing things within our chapter. The theme of recruitment this fall was “Ohana means family!”, which made bid day a blast! We continue to grow as sisters as the semester comes to a close.

Pledge Class Beta Iota:

Melissa Balvin:

Major: Nursing

Why Ceres? "I joined Ceres to be apart of something bigger than myself, get involved with the community and to be part of a sisterhood." ~Melissa

Fun Fact: When Melissa lived in Alabama she went to church with Randy Owens, the lead singer of Alabama

Kayla Biel:

Major: Dairy Production

Why Ceres? "I joined Ceres to make new connections with girls who have the same interests as me." ~Kayla

Fun Fact: Kayla absolutely adores small, fluffy dogs!

Victoria Braley:

Major: Animal Science Pre-vet specialization

Why Ceres? "I joined Ceres in order to develop strong life long connections with some amazing women while also being able to have an impact on our community at large." ~Victoria

Fun Fact: Victoria has a cat named Kitten!

Favorite Quote: "It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light" ~Aristotle

Taylor Gravos:

Major: Agronomy

Why Ceres? "I joined Ceres because I am a transfer student and needed some amazing sisters." ~Taylor

Fun Fact: Taylor loves farming!

Bethany Hotchkiss:

Major: Human development and Family studies

Why Ceres? "I joined Ceres because I felt I found a home with my new sisters and wanted a community in which I can grow and build my potential." ~Bethany

Fun Fact: Bethany does not like tacos.

Nicole Inch:

Major: Agricultural Education

Minor(s): Native American Studies and History

Why Ceres? "I joined Ceres to find friendship, for the opportunities to gain personal growth, and for the sisterhood!" ~Nicole

Fun Fact: Nicole was a two time state champion wrestler in middle school!

Megan Leaver:

Major: Agricultural Science

Fun Fact: Megan has all four of her wisdom teeth as they all came in straight

Why Ceres? "I joined Ceres to make new friends and to just be apart of a group of great people." ~Megan

Fun Fact: Megan has all four of her wisdom teeth as they all came in straight

Favorite Quote: "If you ain't got no sauce, you lost. But you can also get lost in the sauce."

Landra McClellan:

Major: Psychology

Minor(s): Mental Health Services

Why Ceres? "I joined Ceres to be more involved on campus."

Fun Fact: Landra shows cattle and sheep!

Brooklyn Pendley:

Major: Early Childhood Education

Minor(s): Spanish

Why Ceres? "I joined Ceres to make new friends and bond with a ton of amazing girls plus to really get involved during my college years" ~Brooklyn

Fun Fact: Brooklyn has a freckle on the bottom of both of her ears!

Favorite Quote: "Without sarcasm I would sink into utter chaos" ~Antonin Artaud

Brandi Platz:

Major: Sociology with an HR emphasis

Minor(s): Communications

Why Ceres? "I joined Ceres to expand my impact on campus and to meet more friends" ~Brandi

Favorite Quote: Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Leah Polejewski:

Major: Animal Science

Minor(s): Agricultural Business

Why Ceres? I joined Ceres to make new friends and get more involved." ~Leah

Fun Fact: Leah's dad is a SDSU Farmhouse Alumni!

Brianna Ringhand:

Major: Nursing

Why Ceres? "I joined Ceres to get more involved and meet more people!" ~Brianna

Fun Fact: Brianna has a twin brother who goes to NDSU!

Favorite Quote:

Mara Sprang:

Major: Exercise Science

Why Ceres? "I joined Ceres to make friends and get involved at SDSU."

Fun Fact: Mara loves ice cream so much that she could it for every meal of the day!

Favorite Quote: "You can't photoshop personality" ~Mara

Brittany Whitham:

Major: Psychology

Minor(s): Dance and Spanish

Why Ceres? "I joined Ceres to meet awesome new friends and also to learn more about Agriculture because I'm from the city" ~ Brittany

Fun Fact: Nicole is part Native American on her Dad's side!

Carolyn Blatchford:

Major: Biology Secondary Education

Why Ceres? "I joined Ceres to become involved in SDSU and build friendships with women that have a passion for agriculture!"

Fun Fact: Carolyn loves riding horses and participating in Rodeo!

Catherine Bechen:

Major: Animal Science

Why Ceres? "I joined Ceres because I wanted to build a network of people who I could easily connect with and have my back." ~Catherine

Fun Fact: Catherine is one of 32 grandchildren just on one side of her family!

Alexis Hundley:

Major: Pre-Nursing

Why Ceres? "I joined Ceres for the aspect of sisterhood and making new

friends." ~Alexis

Fun Fact: Alexis was born on the first day of winter!

Sarah Kroeger:

Major: Agricultural Education

Minor(s): Agricultural Marketing and Agricultural Business

Why Ceres? "I joined Ceres to be connected with a group of women through agriculture." ~Sarah

Fun Fact: Sarah loves playing guitar!

Marie Robins:

Major: Animal Science and Agricultural Business


Why Ceres? "I joined Ceres to meet some amazing friends and to be more involved in the community at SDSU!" ~Marie

Fun Fact: Marie loves to travel and would take a road trip anywhere!


FarmHouse and Ceres Relations:

The chapter had a blast playing live action mafia with Farmhouse Fraternity. Miah, our social chair, said "The farmhouse social was super fun! I tried something different and a little out of the ordinary, and it seemed to go over well! I had lots of people contact me saying how much fun they had from both Ceres and FarmHouse after the social was over. The evening was full of running, hiding, and most importantly laughter and bonding!" The game consisted of nearly 10 people being "mafia" and the rest being "townspeople." Not only did we get to have town meetings and get to know the gentlemen of farmhouse but we also were able to enjoy a fun new game while doing so. Later in the semester we continued the tradition with an Etiquette Dinner at FarmHouse. The FarmHouse men served Stroganoff and

Ceres brought 'better than sex cake' per FarmHouse's request. Great conversation was had while everyone was working on their etiquette skills. Several sisters supported FarmHouse during their annual Totally Baldacious Fundraiser, and FarmHouse nominated Ceres for the 10 Gallon Challenge. During the challenge, the nominated group has to buy 10 gallons of milk to donate to local food shelters in order to support the dairy industry and local families in need.

Spooktacular Social:

The AXiD social was also very fun! We bought ingredients to make Halloween treats at AXiD’s house. We made most everything from scratch, and had lots of sugary snacks that evening! AXiD was very hospitable. They were excellent hosts and super flexible with our schedule! The girls told me they had a lot of fun making the treats and hope to do it again in the future!

~Miah Schallenkamp

Together in the Tradition: Hobo Day 2018:

Hobo day was celebrated on Saturday, October 13th, but that did not stop the active ladies of Ceres from being 'Together in the Tradition' all week long and for others it started a month in advance. We had two ladies participate in the One Month Club. Dani and Sydnie decided to participate and both placed fairly well. The chapter also participated in Paint the Town, See the wonderful artistic abilities in the photo to the left. The hobo week celebration started on Monday with Rally at the Rails. Many hobos gathered in the Volstroff Ballroom to show their pride. When Tuesday came around many of our hobos bummed a meal over at Farmhouse, and then some went and enjoyed the 'warmth' of the projected bumfire. Once Wednesday rolled around Ceres was represented well when Emily Rogers, Dani Capp, Sam Gonzalez, and Sydnie Peters received Best Spirit during Hoboolympics. Later that night many gathered to watch the Mr/Ms Homelycoming contest. The Bumover was held on Thursday night with the Cavorts Talent Show on Friday. Hobo day rolled around on Saturday, with the parade starting at 9:30. "Our chapter created a float with Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity in the Fantastic Float Competition. The float was created throughout hobo week with the help of sisters and the Hobo Week committee. (Emily Rogers, Emma Spors, and Callie Kukuchka) The parade was the morning of Hobo Day (Oct 13), where the float won Best Music Float," said Hobo Day committee chair Emily Rogers. After the parade many of our sisters enjoyed the football game. Emma Spors, a committee member said, "I enjoyed working on the float and other hobo week activities because I got to celebrate old traditions while making new memories."

Taco'bout Cancer:

This fall, the Philanthropy committee decided to host an event called “Cancer, Let’s Taco-bout It” for Relay for Life. This event took place on Tuesday, October 16th at the University Lutheran Center on campus. What a coincidence that is was Taco Tuesday! The menu was tacos of course, along with a cookie and lemonade. We served roughly 150 people and raised $526.79 for Relay! Mark your calendars because Brookings/SDSU’s Relay for Life will take place on March, 29th, 2019!

~Ali Krieger

Pumpkin Social & Minute to Win It:

On Sunday, October 20th, our new members of the Beta Iota class spent a sunny day at the Sanderson Farms pumpkin patch. There we took class photos, headshots, and enjoyed being our goofy selves in the fresh fall air. This was also a social time for our potential bigs to bond with our new members. From picking, stacking, squatting, and smiling we headed off with our pumpkins to the Ceres house. There was a bit of magic in the air as sparks of creativity brewed, and members set off to paint and carve their pumpkins.

~ Shania Biers

FFA American Degrees:

We had four active members receive one of the highest honors at the National FFA Convention this year. Kelly Schmitz, Emily Rogers, Samantha Gonzalez, and Sydnie Peters all traveled to Indianapolis to walk across the stage and receive their certificates and American FFA degree key. Each year, less than 1% of FFA members receive their American Degrees due to the lengthy requirements needed.


New Alumni Relations Chair

My name is Dani Capp, and I'm your new Alumni Relations Chair! I am a Junior Animal Science (Industry) major and currently live in the house. If you have any events happening in your life and would like the active chapter to know about it, please contact me at, or you can feel free to friend me or message me on Facebook my profile photo is on the left so you know you have the right girl!

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