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VW Awards:

In January the active chapter went to work on many applications for an array of awards. Each year the VW packets are reviewed and handed out by the Greek Honor Society, Order of Omega. They then put on the Volstorff-Walder Awards Banquet, which includes supper and the awards ceremony. This year Ceres was honored to receive runner-up in Community service and the financial management categories while placing first in Chapter Operations, New Member Education, Spirit and Unity, and Chapter Interview. At the end of the night we were very honored and humbled to receive the utmost honor by receiving Outstanding Chapter or what Greek Life calls "The Cup!"


Ag Day at the Pavilion:

We had another successful year at Ag Day at the Pavilion. On March 17th, over 2,600 people filled the Washington Pavilion in downtown Sioux Falls. We had a booth titled, "The Dirt on Agriculture." It was an interactive booth explaining the different soil layers and children answered questions to earn a dirt cup. The dirt cups were a big hit; they contained chocolate and vanilla pudding, crushed Oreos, green sprinkles and a gummy worm. Both children and adults got the scoop on dirt at the Ceres booth.

- Kelly Schmitz , Ag Orientation Chair


St. Patricks Day Sisterhood:

After Ag Day at the Pavilion our social chair, Kayla Rounds, hosted a fun St. Pattys night for the chapter. We enjoyed painting and crafts as well as bonding over some St. Pattys themed treats. Kayla got creative and made A Pot of Gold (bowl of popcorn), Leprechaun droppings (rolos), rainbow seeds (skittles), and green punch.


Greek Week:

The chapter enjoyed and let their competitive edge come out when Greek Week came around March 19th through 22nd. On Monday night we started out hot with a win in tug-a-war and a second place finish in dodgeball. On Tuesday, Angel our representative for the contest received honors of runner up Greek Goddess. She did an outstanding job representing our chapter as well as Greek Life as a whole. Every greek also voted on Chroma boards that night, Ceres' opted to do a 3-D board which won Greek Choice! Our sisters enjoyed meeting other Greeks on Wednesday at Chariot Races. Thursday, was full of laughs and the moves, Airband! Our Disney mashup may not have been a complete hit with the judges but we sure touched peoples heart strings! We enjoyed the week of events put on by Greek Life's Unified Council and were very excited to hear that we were Greek Week Champs!


Little International:

The chapter had many ladies participate in Little International. Between showing livestock, participating in judging events, and being on staff, the chapter had a successful weekend. Our chapters meat products team won first place.


Alumni Brunch & Association Meeting:

Our first alumni brunch was a success despite the weather and roads! We had five alumni make their way to Brookings and are happy to of had time to visit and make memories with them! Alumni and members enjoyed conversations over donuts, fruit pizza, and Sunny D. We then sat down for business and had the association meeting.


Big/Little Reveal:

One of many active members favorite times of the semester rolled around on March 26th, Big-Little Reveal. The littles enjoyed being spoiled by their bigs the week of March 19th through 22nd. The theme for reveal night was "I've Found My Match and We're the Perfect Pair." At the beginning of the night littles got a hint from their bigs as to were they were hiding. The littles then had to go find their matching socks! We found out that many of the bigs were tricky when it came to gifts and letting their littles in on the secret to who they were! At the end of the night, family trees had grown and my oh my everyone was excited!


Sigma Phi Epsilon Social:

After big little reveal we enjoyed a night of pizza and games along with conversation with the men of Sigma Phi Epsilon! Not only did I notice many of our ladies coming out of their shells but I saw many connections being made. Overall, it was a chill night with a lot of fun and laughter being shared between the two chapters!


Campus Wide Ag Day:

"Agnite your Passion" was this year's theme for campus-wide Ag day. Various clubs and organizations set up booths around campus featuring a Minute-To-Win-It game and the person who completed the most activities had a chance to win an Apple Watch. Our booth's game was bouncer. In the original game, contestants had to bounce ping pong balls into cups within one minute. We substituted field peas for the ping pong balls. At the end of the day, the Prexy council put on a banquet for the campus which included a pork supper and awards ceremony. Ceres was humbled and honored to be named the Ag and Bio Club of the Year. Overall, it was a good day advocating for agriculture and Ceres.

-Kelly Schmitz, Ag Orientation Chair


Introducing Our New Members:

Sierra Jenkins

Hometown: Ludlow, South Dakota

Major: Animal Science, Pre-Vet

She joined Ceres because she loved how Ceres is ag oriented and everyone is so nice. I love to talk to the sisters and get to know them as well as how supportive they are. After I heard of Relay for Life, I was for sure going to join because so far, I have had three people that I was close to pass away within one year with cancer. Sierra is also a member of Dairy Club, Block and Bridle, and the Pre-Vet Club. Her favorite quote is, "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, 'I used everything you gave me.'"

Megan DeSmith

Hometown: Walnut Grove, Minnesota

Major: Biology Secondary Education

Megan joined Ceres to get more involved on campus and meet some great people. She is also an office assistant for McCrory Gardens and will be continuing that into next year. She will also be a peer mentor for the BIOL 119 class next year. Megan's favorite quotes is from the Harry Potter movies, "Happiness can be found even in the darkest times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

Alysa Waldner

Hometown: White, South Dakota

Major: Psychology

Alysa joined Ceres because she loved the energy and vibe the ladies gave off and was excited to be a part of an organization that is not only beneficial to her future but also helps in the community she grew up in. She is also involved in the Transfer Student Organization on campus. Alysa's favorite quote is, "For I know the plans I have for you."

Wendy Wiggins

Hometown: Mitchellville, Iowa

Major: Agriculture Communication and Leadership

Wendy joined Ceres to have a group of girls she shared a passion for Ag with. She is also involved in collegiate 4-h and FFA. Wendy's favorite quote is “Always keep your eyes on where you are headed but never forget where you came from.”

Gabriella Cruzen

Hometown: Lakeville, Minnesota

Major: Looking into fashion studies and merchandising

Gabby joined to meet more people and to be able to do more volunteer work, she is not not in other things on campus as of now. Her favorite quote is “worry is a misuse of your imagination”

Brittany Steffen

Hometown: Burke, South Dakota

Major: Undeclared

Brittany joined Ceres because she saw that there were a lot of amazing girls that could teach her a lot of important things, and she also loved the philanthropy. Although as of now she is only involved in Ceres, she has plans to join other organizations on campus this fall. Brittany's favorite quote is by Ralph Waldo Emerson, "What we fear most is usually what we most need to do."

Christina Hartmann

Hometown: Rapid City, South Dakota

Major: Animal Science/ Pre-vet

Christina joined Ceres to meet new people and for the philanthropy, Relay for Life. She is also involved in the Pride of the Dakotas Marching band. Christina's favorite quote is said by Jensen Ackles, "Be strong in the moments when you want to be weak cause life itself is worth living for. If you are not living the life that you want, you fight for that life."

Emma Spors

Hometown: New London, Minnesota

Major: Agricultural Education, Communication, and Leadership

Emma joined Ceres because she wanted to get involved with an organization that was Ag oriented and when she met with some of the girls she said they were all amazing and made it sound like a great thing to join. She is also involved in the Honors College Student Organization, LeadState, Wintrode Tutor Center, and the Common Read Group. Emma's favorite quote is from H. Jackson Brown, Jr, "The best preparation for tomorrow is to do your best today."

Kaitlynn Beighley

Hometown: Litchfield, Minnesota

Major: Human Development & Family Studies

Kaitlynn joined Ceres to get involved and meet new people! She is not involved in other organizations on campus. Her favorite quote is "Great things don't come from staying in your comfort zone."

Kyra Obermeyer

Hometown: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Major: Human Biology with an interest in Pre-Medicine

Kyra wanted to get involved with Ceres because she connected to our philanthropy and to get to know more people on campus. She is also involved with AMSA, and the Pre-Professional club on campus. Her favorite quote is, "When painting your future don't let anyone else hold the brush."

Sarah Pederson

Hometown: Aitkin, Minnesota

Major: Political Science and Accounting

Sarah joined Ceres because she wanted to get involved on campus. Due to changing her academic major, she had to transfer. During her time here she was not involved in anything else. Sarah's favorite quote is, "Decide whether or not the goal is worth the risks involved. If it is, stop worrying."


Fall Retreat:

The chapter held retreat in Brookings the week before school started. Not only did the ladies take time to prepare for the upcoming school year through goal setting, they were able to use the time to bond and make memories. On the final day of retreat, the chapter volunteered their time to "Meetstate," which is the day many campus clubs and organizations help freshman move into their dorms. Ceres was the largest organization to volunteer this year.


Upcoming Events:

Primary Recruitment....................................................................................................September 27th-30th

Hobo Day..........................................................................................................................................October 13th

'Taco' bout Cancer Bar.................................................................................................................October 16th

Founder's Day.............................................................................................................................November 17th

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