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Living in the House

Front Door
Street View
Upstairs Livingroom 1
Upstairs Livingroom 2
Upstairs Loft
Study Room
Study Area

Having a chapter house is a very important aspect of being in Greek Life. Living in the house allows members to get to know their sisters and grow into a family away from family. It offers women the chance to live with sisters of similar majors to help each other succeed academically. It also offers the women the opportunity to grow socially as well, with four other Greek chapters having houses of their own surrounding us. 

The Ceres house was completed in 2016 and members have been living there since! We couldn't be more excited and appreciative of all of the people who worked so hard to get us this far. 

Members are required to live in the chapter house for one year during their junior or senior year. This is so that all members can have the real Greek Life experience of living in the chapter house, and to get closer with sisters and other members of Greek Life.

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