Life in Ceres

Being a member in Ceres shapes well-rounded women into the best versions of themselves. We strive for great grades, grow socially throughout Greek Life, gain connections for the future, grow a greater appreciation for agriculture, and teach our sisters the importance of community service.


- Shania Biers (Advertising)
- Dani Capp (Animal Science)
- Kayla Rounds (Psychology)
- Sydnie Peters (Ag Leadership & Ag Communications)
- Emily Rogers (Ag Education)
- Kelly Schmitz (Animal Science)


- Miah Schallenkamp (Nursing)
- Karley Litterick (Ag Education)​ 
- Victoria Pagel (Agronomy)​
- Megan DeSmith (Biotechnology & Human Biology )
- Wendy Wiggins (Ag Communications & Ag Leadership)
- Christina Hartmann (Animal Science Pre-Vet)
- Jessica Pedelty (Biology)
- Emma Spors (Mathematics)
- Bethany Hotchkiss (Human Development and Family Studies)
- Nicole Inch (Ag Education)
- Brianna Ringhand(Nursing)
- Sierra Jenkins (Animal Science Pre-Vet)
-Kyra Obermeyer (Human Biology/Pre-Med)
-Kristy Cullinan (Natural Resource Law Enforcement)


- Brittany Whitam (Psychology)
Mara Sprang (Exercise Science)
- Melissa Balvin (Nursing)
- Hailey Haber (Exercise Science/ Pre Athletic Training)
-Melanie Arndt (Psychology)
-Mckenna Erthum (Sociology- Human Service Specialization)
-Mya Von Bank (Early Childhood Education)


-Alexis Wilson (Psychology & Studio Arts)
-Ericka VanDenheuvel (Early Childhood Education)
-Cassidy Keck (Interdisciplinary Studies)
-Shelby Belmore (Nursing)
-Kylie Allensworth (Athletic Training)