A Letter from the President


Dear readers,

On behalf of the ladies of Ceres Women’s Fraternity, I would 
like to thank you for your time and interest in our chapter. 
Internationally, the members of Ceres Women’s Fraternity
focus on five attributes: commitment, agricultural orientation,
leadership, fellowship, and scholarship.


Ceres is the name of the ancient roman goddess of

agriculture, grain crops, fertility, and motherly relationships.

Ceres was believed to protect and nourish young seeds, and

they say she gifted agriculture to mankind.


In a way, our chapter exemplifies the history of Ceres’ name. 

As a whole, our chapter fosters commitment to each other,

commitment to our community, and commitment to ourselves. 

We encourage leadership and the importance of purposeful followers. 

As a professional organization, Ceres is committed to building qualities of leadership, to building meaningful fellowship, and to building a desire for scholastic achievement.  Just as Ceres committed herself protect and nourish the young seeds, our chapter commits itself to protecting and nourishing valuable characteristics of each unique individual, and because she gifted agriculture to mankind, our chapter holds a special appreciation for agriculture. 


Personally, I did not grow up on a farm or ranch.  I never owned cattle, sheep, or chickens.  I have never ploughed fields, sown seeds, or harvested crops.  I never participated in 4-H or FFA, but that does not mean that I do not share a deep appreciation for agriculture like my fellow sisters.  I am a psychology major who may likely never work in an agricultural industry.  So how can I belong to an organization with such strong ties to agriculture?


Even though I have never ploughed a field, sown a seed, or milked a cow, I appreciate agriculture. I appreciate the hundreds of thousands of farmers and ranchers in the United States as well as many more across the world. I appreciate those working in tractors, fields, and offices.  The hard work and dedication of the workers in the agricultural industry bring food to my table and energy to my home. Any person can appreciate agriculture and what it provides to us. 


When I joined Ceres, I knew close to nothing about agriculture, but that was no problem.  This chapter welcomed me with open arms and an open heart.  I have learned so much in my brief time here, and it has helped me grow as a person. 


I have learned a great deal about agriculture during my time with Ceres Women’s Fraternity.  I have also learned  about leadership, professionalism, commitment, scholarship, friendship, followership, dedication, fellowship, love, and sisterhood.


Ceres Women’s Fraternity has made a beautiful impact on my life. I have developed skills that will help me throughout my life, and I have created bonds with incredible women from across the country. I never would have predicted the influence my membership has made thus far.


 As you explore our website, I hope you are able to see our strong ties of sisterhood and commitment to our chapter’s values. I feel honored to the have the privilege of presiding over the chapter and acting as a role model for present and future Ceres women. Thank you, readers, for taking the time to learn more about Ceres Women's Fraternity.

Yours truly,

Kayla Rounds

Ceres President